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Sometimes hormonal changes in women can make their gums more sensitive and that may lead to a better chance for developing gingivitis.

Many people have dentures made and end up putting them in a drawer and never wearing them.

A family or general dentist can also be an endodontist and do endodontic treatments for you.

Mini dental implants only take a few hours to place and there is no surgery involved.

As long as you have enough jawbone, we can do a dental implant and surgically embed a titanium root into the jawbone.

Being able to go to the dentist and not remember anything about a treatment is very appealing to many people.

Some patients seem to have more health problems when they have dental gum problems.

Sticking to a schedule for regular dental checkups is a good idea for you and your whole family.

03/09/17 03:55:59 PM

When you have your natural teeth, you will have more effective chewing and more sensation than if you have a mouth full of dental implants.

03/08/17 03:23:58 PM

If you take care of your teeth with good dental hygiene, you may be able to keep them healthy for the rest of your life.

03/07/17 02:52:52 AM

We use the latest technology to locate problems and fix them before they cause you to lose your teeth.

03/06/17 01:05:50 AM

If you leave a chipped tooth without having it fixed, you could end up with a root that's exposed and hurts terribly. If you experience pain after a procedure like a dental crown or implant, that's understandable.

03/04/17 05:48:40 AM

Our goal is to give you a fresh smile and the best oral health possible.

03/02/17 07:32:08 AM

You can have Lumineers put on one tooth or a few teeth or all of your teeth, depending on the look you want.

03/01/17 12:00:13 AM

Our goal is to give you a fresh smile and the best oral health possible. If our cosmetic dentist can't fix what's wrong with your teeth, they may need to be pulled and you may need to be fitted with dentures.

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